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Ruben Malayan (1971-) is an award-winning art director and visual artist.

Having completed his studies in Yerevan, Armenia, he holds a degree in Painting from Terlemezian State Art College, and a degree in Graphics from the State Institute of Fine Arts. As an art director and visual effects supervisor, Ruben has been working in post-production for over fifteen years, realizing creative projects in Armenia, Israel, The Netherlands, Canada and India.


His award-winning career in graphic design spans over twenty years - crossing over into the fields of visual identity design, typography and calligraphy. Over the years he has collaborated on a number of high profile international commercials, branding development for various TV stations, concept art and shot design for commercials and feature films.

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Teaching experience:

2018-present: American University of Armenia - Adjunct Lecturer /English & Communications (CHSS) / Visual Communication Free Elective

2016-present: Terlemezyan State College of Arts - Lecturer / Drawing / Calligraphy

2015-2017: Lecturer on Motion Design, Typography and Post Production at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies (Yerevan, Armenia).

2013: Teaching a course on 'Creative Advertising' at Russian-Armenian State University, Department of Advertising and PR, Yerevan, Armenia.

2012: Development of study curriculum (design, animation, film studies) for TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, Yerevan, Armenia.



• Over fifteen years of work experience as an art director and visual effects supervisor in post-production houses

(broadcast & visual effects) including feature film production.

• Over twenty years of experience in graphic, web and interactive design.

• International multi-cultural work experience - Canada, Israel, Netherlands, India, Russia and Armenia.


Professional experience:

2013-2014: Maeutica Brands & Business – Creative Director.

2012: TUMO Center for Creative Technologies (Yerevan, Armenia) – Head of content development.

2011: Makuta VFX (Hyderabad, India) - CG Supervisor for “Eega” by SS Rajamouli.

2010: Triada Studio (Yerevan, Armenia) - Creative Director.

2008-2009: Snowball | VFX (Tel Aviv, Toronto, NYC) – Creative Director.

2006-2007 : JCS PP (Tel Aviv, Israel)- Senior Art director / Lead VFX Supervisor.

2004-2006: Gravity Group PP (Tel Aviv, Israel) - Art director / VFX Supervisor.

2002-2004: Geller Nessis / Arc Interactive (Tel Aviv, Israel) - Interactive & Webdesign.

2000-2002: Malvin BV (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Art Director.

1994-1998: Compugraphic Multimedia Solutions (Tel Aviv, Israel) - Art Director ('96-'98), Graphic Designer ('94-'96).



• Animation: 3DSMAX, FumeFX, Maya (some).

• Design: Adobe CC – Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Muse.

• Post-production: AfterEffects, Premiere, Audition.


Languages: Native – Armenian, Fluent - English, Russian, Hebrew.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 27th of March, 1971, Yerevan, Armenia.

Education: 1976-1986 Secondary School # 83 Yerevan, Armenia.

1986-1990 Yerevan State Art College after P. Terlemezian, 4 years graduate program of “Teaching Drawing and Design” Graduated with a Diploma of Excellence.

1990-1993 Yerevan Academy Of Fine Arts, “Graphics and Original Prints” program.

1993-1994 Kalisher Art School of Tel Aviv “Visual Arts & Media”, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Creative work / Publications:


2018 Hrant Dink Foundation - “Armenian Calligraphy: Past, present and future” presentation, Istanbul, Turkey

2018 Dessaran Festival - “Armenian Calligraphy: Past, present and future” presentation, Padova and Venice, Italy

2018 Smithsonian Folk Life Festival / series of calligraphy performances and workshops in Washington DC

2018 Solo exhibition of Armenian Revolution Posters – AOKS, Yerevan, Armenia

2017 Granshan International Conference on Non-Latin Type / Lecture and Calligraphy performance with Timothy Donaldson

2017 American University of Armenia – Lecture on Armenian Calligraphy and Script Development

2017 Participated in Fabricaffiti Street Art Exhibition, Tbilisi, Georgia

2017 Lecture and masterclass at “I'am here” Exhibition of Young Armenian Artists, Museum of Fashion, Moscow, Russia

2016 Lecture and masterclass on the Art of Armenian Calligraphy- Yerevan State Art College after P. Terlemezian

2015-2016 ReAnimania 7th International Animation Film and Comics Art Festival of Yerevan - member of jury for short film competition

2015 Graphic poster "The Dark Chain of Human History" on display as part of "Evil: The Matter of Intent" exhibition at Hebrew Union College Museum, NYC

2015 Calligraphy for "Cities of Peace" - Ellen Frank Illumination Arts Foundation.

2015 Granshan 2015 Type Design Competition Member of a Jury - Armenian text typefaces category.

2015 Graphic poster "The Dark Chain of Human History" on display as part of "Evil: The Matter of Intent" exhibition at Hebrew Union College Museum, NYC.

2015 Fundacja Sztuka Kaligrafii Krakow, Poland & Yerevan, Armenia – Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy.

2015 Festivalul Strada Armeneasca Bucharest, Romania– Lecture and Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy.

2015 Calligraphy for the cover of Scout Tufankjian “There is Only The Earth”.

2015 Rise of Culture International Art'n'Music Festival Lublin, Poland – Lecture and Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy & graphic posters exhibition.

2015 ReAnimania 7th International Animation Film and Comics Art Festival of Yerevan - member of jury for short film competition.

2015 Best Digital Entry for LA City Council Armenian Genocide Centennial Art Competition.

2015 Hartak Festival, Yerevan - Lecture and Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy.

2015 Participated in ANKAPital art exhibition at HAYP Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia.

2015 Graphic work published in '99' publication on Armenian Genocide by

2014 Granshan 2015 Calligraphic work exhibited at TypoLyrics exhibition

2012 “The Elegance of Classic Armenian Calligraphy” article published in YerevanMagazine Mar/Apr issue.

2011 Member of a Jury on “One Shot” International Short Film Festival, NPAK, Yerevan.

2011 Calligraphic works and an essay on Armenian calligraphy published in 'The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy' Sterling Publishing, NYC.

2011 Lecture on Armenian Calligraphy at AGBU Montreal Chapter.

2011 “Ruben Malayan 'Label Écriture'“ article published in Nouvelles d'Armenie magazine No 179.

2011 Interview and article published in “Haytoug” magazine, Spring 2011, USA.

2011 Interview published in “Slide” magazine, No.5, Yerevan, Armenia.

2010 “The Art of Calligraphy: Script in Its Purest Forms” article published in Armenian Weekly & Asbarez.

2009 Solo exhibition of Armenian Calligraphy at “5” Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2005 Publication of graphic posters in “Israel & Armenian Genocide: Banality of Indifference” by Yair Auron; Open University Press, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2004 Graphics & photography displayed at Flow Galeria (Canada).

2004 Photographs published at Deliberately Buried magazine (Israel).

2004 Drawings & paintings published at TartArt magazine (Slovakia).

2003 USA Armenian Life Magazine / Asbarez - Article on "300 Seconds" Short film.

2003 Horizon Magazine - interview & article on Armenian Genocide Art Poster competition, Lebanon.

2001 Participation in Maartje Nevejan "Virtual Fatherlands" Documentary / ViewPoint Productions / MamaCash, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2001 Interview and article published in Tergede Magazine / Reformatorisch Dagblad, Netherlands.

2001-2003 Publication & worldwide distribution of graphic posters- winners of "Armenian Genocide in Contemporary Art & Graphic Posters" International competition. Netherlands / USA.

1999- UI designs featured in Jerusalem Post / Wired Magazine / CNN website.

1989-1993 Participated in annual exhibitions of Young Armenian Artists at Union of Armenian Artists and The Academy of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia.



1999 UNDP Armenia Internet Project and Sard 99 Armenian Website Prize Jury.

Title of winner in the category “Armenian FREENET Choice”- for good design by

means of computer technologies and wonderful art.

2000 Comparative shopping UI interface (Wired Magazine).

2015 Best Digital Entry at Centennial Art Contest of LA City Council.

Ruben Malayan

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