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We are an annual international graphic poster competition commemorating the Armenian Genocide
through series of designs, published and distributed in countries which have no legislation on Armenian Genocide. It's a part of a collective effort to demonstrate the
impact of art, as one of the most powerful tools for the portrayal of historical events and the shaping of public opinion for the main purpose of spreading awareness and promoting greater international cooperation and involvement in the cause of

Armenian Genocide recognition.


This is our chance to make ourselves heard, develop a project which would leave a mark in people's minds. It is not directed against Turkish people, it is there to tell them the true story of Armenian Genocide. We hope that it will also stimulate the cultivation and encouragement of contemporary graphic design and since posters are also informative- genocide education

around the world.

"Dark Chain of Human History" poster in todays (April 24th, 2019) New York Times International Edition

Armenian Genocide of 1915 in Contemporary Graphic and Art Posters

2015 Best Digital Entry at Centennial Art Contest of LA City Council.

Calligraphic Styles Catalogue in PDF

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