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Academic Drawing Lessons

Continuing the traditions of draftsman, who believed in the magic of realism


My methodology of teaching a difficult and intense discipline such as drawing varies according to the preparedness of the the student, but regardless, I stress the importance of knowing the fundamentals, student's ability to construct geometry in axonometry as well as a complex perspective. The student is taught to think of line, tone and silhouette as means to construct volume.


Students are taught on examples of Hans Holbein and Rembrandt as two superb old masters of drawing, yet approaching construction of volume from two opposing directions. Holbein is achieving the desirable effect by constructing a perfect outline, which only needs a little bit of shade to give it depth; Rembrandt, however, is going from the inside toward the silhouette, constructing volume as if a sculptor would carve it in stone, removing the unnecessary.


It is important to allow the student to gain confidence and  knowledge by giving enough time to practice which also must be intensive- student must draw constantly various objects from life, copy masters and should do that a lot. But its not just the training of the eye or hand - drawing is a tool to analyze the object, dissect it and understand its structure.


Drawing is a tool to teach the students think.

Footage filmed by ARTE Germany/France “Metropole Jerewan”. Directed by Martin Rosefeldt, DoP- Patrick Waldmann, sound by Tom Weichenhain, produced by Tigran Petrosyan.


WESTEND Film und TV Produktion GmbH

Filmed at Yerevan State College of Fine Arts after P.Terlemezyan 27th of October, 2019

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