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Ruben Malayan (1971) is an award-winning artist, photographer and art director

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Look development, digital art and illustration

Awarded Best Digital Entry for LA City Council Armenian Genocide Centennial Art Competition, April 2015
Look Development Concept art for feature films & Book illustration

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Recent Works

Winter is coming
Digital Illustration



Armenian Genocide 1915-2015

Awarded Best Digital Entry for LA City Council Armenian Genocide Centennial Art Competition, April 2015

Book Illusration



Model Study
Pencil on paper 1992




Book Illusration



Komitas. Pencil on paper. 2015


Digital painting 2014





Karmen Digital Drawing 2012

Plastic Anatomy Studies


"Sketch of a hand" Pen on paper 1998



Signed Limited Edition Print

King Lear. William Shakespeare.

Character study
Signed Limited Edition Print


Pencil on paper 2005


Model & character studies




Pen on paper 2004

Pen on paper 1997







"Alice in the wonderland" Linocut

" Go with peace "
Pencil on paper 1993





"Freedom is won, not given"
Digital painting/concept art

Tiepolo composition study
pencil on paper 2002





"The Artist"
Pen on paper 2004





Pen on paper 1993


"Untitled" Acrylic on canvas 1998



"Still-life with lylies" Acrylic on canvas 1998



"The loss" Acrylic on canvas 1997


Ruben Malayan is an award-winning artist, photographer and art director.

He holds degrees from Terlemezian Art College (painting) & from
the State Institute of Fine Arts (graphics) in Yerevan, Armenia.
Exhibits art locally and abroad.

As an art director and visual effects supervisor, Ruben has been working in broadcast and cinema for over ten years,
realizing creative projects in Armenia, Israel, The Netherlands, Canada and India.
His award-winning career in graphic design spans over fifteen years - crossing over into the fields of calligraphy and typography.
Ruben Malayan is the founder (2001, Amsterdam) of "Armenian Genocide in Contemporary Graphic & Art Posters" international graphic design competition, which has received critical acclaim in books and magazines worldwide, as well as coverage in the international press.

For past few years Ruben has been working on a book “The Art of Armenian Calligraphy" which focuses
on the evolution of the calligraphic tradition and placing it on a stage upon which it can be studied as an independent art form.
It's designed to serve as a source of reference and inspiration to anyone interested in this subject
and to illuminate its future by offering inspiring examples of contemporary calligraphic work.

Presently Ruben is running master classes and workshops of Armenian Calligraphy as well as teaching Motion Design, Typography and Post-production course at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies (Yerevan, Armenia). He exhibits art both locally, and abroad.

Contact information:

mobile: +374 777 26 229 email: 15levels@gmail.com 
website: http://15levels.com/mybest
Commercial reel:  http://www.vimeo.com/8373130
Broadcast design, visual development, matte painting: www.15levels.com/broadcast
Graphic Design & New Media : www.15levels.com/newmedia
Fine & Concept art: http://15levels.com/art/

Qualified by:
Over 15 years of work experience as an art director and visual effects supervisor in post-production
including feature film production.
Over 20 years of experience in graphic design and digital.

Education: MFA (graphic department, State Academy of Fine Arts) & BFA (painting department, State Art College- Yerevan, Armenia).

Teaching Positions
March 2015 - present: Motion Design, Typography and Post-production course at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies
2011 - Creative Advertising course at Russian-Armenian University (Yerevan, Armenia)

Professional experience (VFX & Broadcast)
2014: Maeutica Brands & Business (Yerevan, Armenia)- Creative Director
2012: TUMO Center for Creative Technologies (Yerevan, Armenia)-  Head of Content Development (film, design, animation)
2011: Makuta FX (Hyderabad, India)- VFX Supervisor for Eega "The Fly" feature film by SS Rajamouli
2010: Triada Studio (Yerevan, Armenia) - Creative Director
2008-2009: Snowball VFX (Tel Aviv, Israel) – Creative Director
2006-2007 : JCS Post Production (Tel Aviv, Israel) - Senior Art director / Lead VFX Supervisor
Responsibilities: Promos for Keshet TV/Reshet/Channel2, TV channel branding for Sport5+LIVE, commercials for Orange and others.
Re-branding of JCS Group.
2004-2006: Gravity Post Production (Tel Aviv, Israel) - Art director / VFX Supervisor
Responsibilities: Art direction, VFX supervision, matte painting and concept art of commercials and promos for clients including Coca-Cola, Sprite, Toshiba and other major international brands.

Professional experience (Graphic Design & Advertising)
2002-2004: Publicis Geller Nessis / Arc Interactive (Tel Aviv, Israel) – Art Director
2000-2002: Malvin BV (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Art Director / Senior Graphic Designer
1994-1998: Compugraphic Multimedia Solutions (Tel Aviv, Israel) - Art Director ('96-'98), Graphic Designer ('94-'96)

3D: 3DSMAX, FumeFX, RealFlow 
DTP: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign 
Compositing & Motion graphics: AfterEffects, Fusion, Flash 

Languages: Hebrew (fluent), English (fluent),Russian (native), Armenian (native)

Exhibitions, Publications, Lectures and Workshops 

2015 Graphic poster "The Dark Chain of Human History" on display as part of "Evil: The Matter of Intent" exhibition at Hebrew Union College Museum, NYC
2015 ReAnimania 7th International Animation Film and Comics Art Festival of Yerevan - member of jury for short film competition
2015 Best Digital Entry for LA City Council Armenian Genocide Centennial Art Competition
2015 Hartak Festival, Yerevan, Armenia - Lecture and Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy
2015 HAYP Armenian Pop Up Gallery “AnKapital” exhibition participation
2015 Fundacja Sztuka Kaligrafii Krakow, Poland & Yerevan, Armenia – Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy
2015 Best Digital Entry for LA City Council Armenian Genocide Centennial Art Competition
2015 Festivalul Strada Armeneasc?  Bucharest, Romania– Lecture and Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy
2015 Calligraphy for the cover of Scout Tufankjian “There is Only The Earth”
2015 Rise of Culture International Art'n'Music Festival Lublin, Poland – Lecture and Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy & graphic posters exhibition
2014 PanArmenian Media "99" - Graphic posters published
2012-2015 Granshan International Type Design Competition for non-Latin typefaces - Member of the expert commission (Armenian Typesets)
2012 TypoLyrics (TGM, Munich and Artist Union, Yerevan) international exhibition participation
2011 NPAK Center for Experimental Art - "60 Seconds" Short Film Competition - member of jury
2011 "The Art of Armenian Calligraphy" by Ruben Malayan The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Sterling Publishing, NYC 2011
2010 Shmone+ Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel - Calligraphy works exhibition
2010 Interviews by Haytoog, ArmenianWeekly and Asbarez 2006 Graphic posters published in Yair Auron's Hebrew edition of "Israel & Armenian Genocide: Banality of Indifference". (Open University Press)

2004 Graphics & photography exhibited at FlowGaleria (Canada)
2004 Photographs published at DeliberatelyBuried magazine (Israel)
2003 USA Armenian Life Magazine November
2003 / Asbarez Daily Newspaper (USA) - Article on "300 Seconds" Short film
2003 Horizon Magazine (Lebanon) - interview & article on Armenian Genocide Art Poster competition
2001 Participation in Maartje Nevejan "Virtual Fatherlands" Documentary / ViewPoint Productions / MamaCash - Premiers in Amsterdam 14/15/16 February 2004
2001 Tergede Magazine / Reformatorisch Dagblad (Netherlands) April 25 Interview & article by Addy De Jong
2001-2003 Publication & worldwide distribution of graphic posters- winners of "Armenian Genocide in Contemporary Art & Graphic Posters" International competition(Netherlands / Israel / USA)
1999- Graphic user interface designs published by Jerusalem Post / Wired Magazine / CNN online - RUSURE.com - Comparative shopping

1989-1993 Participated in annual exhibitions of Young Armenian Artists at Union of Armenian Artists and The Academy of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia

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